Art Makes Me SmART!


“I used to be afraid of a lot of things, but when I wrote about them, I wasn’t afraid anymore.”

A fifth grade student

In keeping with our mission, the Lincoln Arts Council (LAC) is dedicated to making the arts accessible to all children and adults in our community. Research has proven the intellectual benefit of an arts education, but even more important is the deeply personal experience that comes from the invitation to create.  We extend that invitation to Lincoln with “Art Makes Me SmART” (AMMS.)

The AMMS program was launched by the LAC in 2010, with the goal of connecting artist-educators with students of all ages in Lincoln for meaningful interactions and growth activities.  Since that time, the program has expanded into amazing partnerships with local schools and organizations and includes year long programming, specially designed to immerse its participants in the process of creating as a means of cultivating self-awareness and expression.  
Arts opportunities provide participants a playground for the soul, in a world where much of what we do is measured or quantified. AMMS seeks to understand and appreciate each individual for their own gifts and talents, free of quantification or judgement,  while creating a greater understanding of how everyone can best utilize their own creative assets to improve every part of life.

The LAC has teamed up with BLIXT, a renown duo of artist educators with a passion for high-quality arts experiences, to fine tune and expand AMMS to best suit our evolving community.  This is an exciting time of transition for the program, with multiple high-impact projects in place for the 2016-17 year, including activities which focus on personal growth, self-esteem, environmental responsibility and cross-generational storytelling.

For questions regarding AMMS, or to learn how you can bring the arts to every member of our community, please contact Petra Wahlqvist at or Becky Boesen at