Dance for Parkinson's

Ruth Davidson Hahn on 05/22/2015

In an article published in the April issue of Living Well Magazine, Ruth Davidson Hahn's "Dance for Parkinson's" is highlighted as a class that helps people coping with Parkinson's Disease to come enjoy the art of dance as therapy-type sessions. A quote from the article reads, "The class, created for people with the neurodegenerative disorder and their loved ones or caregivers, is a judgment-free environment in which people with Parkinson’s can abandon the “patient” and “sick” labels and enjoy a social environment that teaches them how to dance in several forms, including ballet, modern dance, tap, folk and social dance. 'Dance connects mind to body,' Hahn said. 'Dance fits Parkinson’s disease like a glove without needing to think of itself as therapy.'" The Lincoln Arts Council was a sponsor of this program, and are pleased to see all of the wonderful outcomes that the arts are playing in these participant's lives! Watch the video slideshow below to see the program in action.

Video slideshow Ruth Davidson Hahn & Company's Dance for Parkinson's program - Reprinted from Living Well magazine, Spring 2015 issue, with permission from Aging Partners, an area agency on aging: